January 16, 2020

Is the present moment more important than the world of imagination?

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How often do any of us really live “in the present moment”. I know I mostly live in my imagination or somewhere outside of my present moment, in a book, in music, in a conversation or in companionship with humans and animals. I learnt to daydream early in life, especially after being sent to Boarding School at age seven.

The present moments there were often tedious, cold, scary, violent or humiliating. I lived much of the time in my own world of Space Travel, Spies and Adventure. Books were my life, where I could be who I liked in many different situations and environments. Mr Wright, our strict but mostly benevolent Headmaster, thought of me as a dreamer, and on one occasion quoted from the Old Testament, seeing me drifting towards him in a school corridor but in my own world – “Behold, the dreamer cometh” – a reference to Joseph, he of the multi-coloured coat, who eventually became the most powerful man in Ancient Egypt.

There is as lot to be said for dreaming, but I am not so enamoured by the present moment – is Mindfulness just another con? I am not either in the present moment,or mindful, writing this, and I believe none the worse for that…

January 15, 2020

Meghxit – Meghan has done the Royals a big favour…

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Now Brexit is over, bar the shouting, people are at a loss as to what to argue about – so we have Meghxit! Meghan has kicked Harry and Harry put the boot into the Royals – they certainly need to change and down size – Meghan has hopefully done them all a big favour…

January 12, 2020

A tale of two Westies, Mac and Sammy

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My mum and dad planted a little wood north of the Farmyard the year I was born, mostly firs. Mum always called it “Sandy’s Wood”. I remember chickens living there when I was very young, and the area was scrubby. I was given a Westie puppy, Mac, for my 11th Birthday. I saw him only in school holidays because I was at boarding school, and he adored my dad, excitingly biting his boots when dad came back from somewhere.

I remember, as a child of about 13, placing my hands on his back, shutting my eyes and sending him healing for a sore on his back. He eventually grew old and apparently disappeared.

Many years later, after our dog Jemma had died, I was moved to visit Sandy’s Wood to look for Mac’s remains, directed by an inner voice. I found an old part of a backbone, the Sacrum, which I believed was Mac. I brought it home and buried it in a wild part of the garden at Terstan.

We had no plans to have another dog, but shortly after I had buried the remains of Mac, Penny and I were asked if we would look after another Westie, Sammy for a weekend. He had been given to our daughter Sarah, but did not get on with the small children or her cats. He was not well, and she was also concerned because he was shaking a lot. When he came he was nearly an adult, shaking so much we had to carry him about, and upstairs – but settled quickly. Sarah asked if we would keep Sammy. He is still with us about 13 years later, sleeping on the bed curled up beside me as I write, a magical dog, a great Soul. Sometimes I wonder if Sammy was, in a former life, my little dog Mac?

January 11, 2020

A Prophecy

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The Wolf Moon, covered by Lord Sun, will soon give birth to a fierce Goddess and daughter – Howling Gale. The world will be upturned and symbols reversed. All Hail Howling Gale, who will come to take her place in the Pantheon! Trees shudder, Foxes hide and Hawks shall remain still. The Armies of the Good Goddess will prevail, and the Earth shall be healed /|\

January 9, 2020

Meghan and Harry

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Can I be the only one that does not really care what “Megan and Harry” choose to make of their lives? I can well understand that they want to break loose from the antiquated and controlling Royal Tribe, and I wish them both happiness – but they are not my family, although I do feel a little bit sorry for all the Royals, treated like the Country’s possessions and unable to have an independent life of their own. Now let’s have some proper news….

January 7, 2020

My love for Paso Fino horses

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My Cousin Rachel suggested I put a post up about my horses, and what they mean to me. I rode on our family farm occasionally, but developed a progressive neurological disease making this difficult. After my retirement from a career in Psychiatry, helped by young friends, I got into riding again, acquiring several Paso Fino horses, a gaited breed especially good for disabled people.

I began Showing and also riding out on the trail, farm tracks Bridleways, beaches, woods. I have numerous Rosettes, many Firsts, including Dressage. We have a Yard and Stables where now I am older I spend shorter periods of time exercising and experimenting with my favourite magic mare, Sonadora. We have been together now for about 17 years. She is nearly 26 and I am 75, so our combined ages come to over 101!

Sonadora is kept fit and well exercised by my young friend Sarah, who shares our six Paso Finos with me, and manages the Yard when she is not at Surrey Vets researching Microbiology for her PhD. I will be frank, without Sarah I would have stopped riding years ago and would not have six horses! I find riding very good for increasing my core strength and balance, and excellent for my mental health.

Horses are empathic beings and I love the trust they give, and their caring nature towards their riders, if trained well and ridden with love. I am sure that our lovely horses, and my horsey friends have not just put years on my life, but helped my Soul to grow. There you are Rachel, I hope this is what you expected of me. I admire your work to improve Horse Access in the countryside, and Sonadora, our other Paso Finos and their riders look forward to going out on the trail, including and especially, disabled and elderly riders like me.

January 6, 2020

Luka’s Lamp

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In my left hand I hold an ancient Romano-British Oil Lamp. It was found buried in Gloucestershire, England, I think, last year. My mind is filled by the picture of a little dark haired girl, about 8 years old. She is running towards me, hand outstretched and reaching for the lamp. She tells me me her name is Luka, and that the lamp belonged to her mum and dad. It was often used to light her to bed on dark nights in Winter, and the lamp was smokey, with a smell which sometimes made her cough.

Luka became ill, and used to watch the lamp from her bed. She loved seeing her mother light the lamp, and she wondered at the pictures in the smoke, the shadows on the wall. Luka died, and the last thing she saw was the light from this special, small round lamp, with a the image of a Lion stamped on it. Her mother kept the lamp on a special shelf with the household Gods after Luka died, and used to pray to her daughter, and send her Blessings for a safe journey in the underworld.

I shall keep Luka’s lamp in a special place, and I am glad she knows where it is, and who has it. We are connected by the lamp, and when I hold it in my hand, unlit, it feels warm and comfortable. I send Blessings to Luka, May the Gods protect her on her journey.

January 5, 2020

The Blacksmith’s Boy

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Dad used to spend a lot of time here at the Hazeldown Farm Forge, mending and making stuff for the farm. His own Dad started off as a Blacksmith and Farrier, later becoming a Vet. So our Dad was not just a farmer, but also skilled in animal health, carpentry and metalwork. I remember so well him working metal, at different colours, red and white, the musical bell like sound of hammer on anvil, the sparks flying, and the hissing when the metal was cooled down in the water. I have never been very practical myself, perhaps taking after my maternal grandfather in that respect, but I was sometimes asked to work the bellows, acting the part of Blacksmith’s Boy, something that I enjoyed, though the bellows handle was high up for me then. You can see the handle in these pictures. The old forge is no more, but my memories of working with my Dad will continue until I die.

January 2, 2020

The Squirrel Club

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You’re a Farmer’s son, Burnfield, would you like to join the Squirrel Club we are setting up? This came from a senior boy at my macho all male Boarding School run on religious and quasi military lines. I should have smelt a rat, but I didn’t, and naively said Yes to joining the Squirrel Club, rather touched by the idea of promoting wildlife around the School. “Have you got your own gun, Burnfield?” The penny dropped – the Squirrel Club was not about an interest in squirrels, but about killing them. I did not join, and as far as I know the whole idea fizzled out. Long live the squirrels, even the grey ones.

December 31, 2019

Blessings for a kinder World

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Looking back at the old year and saying goodbye with gratitude for what helped me to grow. Looking forward to a new year when I shall be given more challenges and opportunities to work with the Gods and my fellow creatures here in this Apparent World, to mature Spiritually and to accept the ageing of my physical body with grace, letting go of what is no longer needed and embracing kindness, love and peace. Blessings to you all as the World turns and the Light comes back. I send you hope for a more honest and kinder world, a world where all creatures and existences can thrive in harmony 💥💥💥

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