January 2, 2021

Acceptance of the Limitations of Older Age…

Posted in Uncategorized at 10:28 am by Aleksan

I am beginning to accept my new status as frail and worn out old man, but reluctantly. I am still in a grief process – shock, denial, anger, sadness and to some degree acceptance. I now understand better what the older members of my family, and friends, had to go through, but at the time I switched off and showed little sympathy.

I now experience pain, lack of energy, disability as never before, and I see little improvement in the long run. I ether lie in bed for 12 hours every night, dozing and waking up for a Paracetamol, or I am downstairs in my chair next to the radiator with a blanket over me, drinking and eating a bit here and there when I can.

I am getting used to this and am not unhappy, but fear for the well-being of Penny and Sarah who I have become dependant on. My world has shrunk, but thank the Gods for FB and Social Media, through whom I can still feel part of a larger and vibrant Community…

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