January 11, 2021

Spaceship McGill

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Spaceship McGill, travelling through space-time at Warp Speed. Staff of every description wearing a variety of coloured uniforms, active maintaing life support systems, caring for the many wounded by age and events.

The war against the Covid aliens is well advanced, costing lives, and on a knife edge – may that terrible and costly conflict be victorious…Spaceship McGill, in the centre of a Nebular Storm, plays her part. Alarms sound…

January 9, 2021

In Hospital ..

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Thank you all for your continuing good wishes.

I am well looked after here in Winchester Hospital, awaiting results from my MRI scan, whuch is being looked at by an expert on “Discitis”, infected intervertebtal discs.

If I have this, I will require at least 6 weeks intravenous antibiotics, every six hours. This is possible. If not I go home hopefully. Or maybe I can have the treatment at home if needed…

This post was interrupted by a lady from the Dementia team – answered all her questions right, but she got mine wrong…

January 5, 2021

Knowle Hospital in the early 1970s…

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Hilary Hickmore As a Psychiatrist in training I worked at Knowle Hospital in the early 70s, and Penny and I lived in the grounds. It was formerly known as the Hampshire County Asylum. Before my time it was run on quasi military lines – the Superintendent and entourage visited each ward regularly, where they were saluted by the Charge Nurses, and saluted back. When I was there inmates lived in their wards, run by kind Sisters and Charge Nurses, and were encouraged to work in the gardens, very lovely, go on outings and do Occupational Therapy. There were concerts and other events but essentially we were self contained and self sufficient – fresh food every day, and one man worked in our garden for which he was paid. I loved it there and felt much part of a Therapeutic Community – it was said that you could not tell the Psychiatrists for the Patients!

January 4, 2021

Evil in the world…

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It is a cruel, unfair world, and I see no signs of improvement. The news today is appalling- Covid out of control, NHS exhausted, Trump on the verge of insanity, deluded. I suppose the vaccine is good news but it will take a while to mitigate Covid. As an old man, in the evening of my years I wonder what we have done? Conflict and inequality everywhere, climate change because of our exploitation of fossil fuels, and land exploitation. How much could be foreseen, but was ignored for reason of financial imperatives and selfishness? I am truly at a loss in knowing how to respond to so much evil…

January 2, 2021

Acceptance of the Limitations of Older Age…

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I am beginning to accept my new status as frail and worn out old man, but reluctantly. I am still in a grief process – shock, denial, anger, sadness and to some degree acceptance. I now understand better what the older members of my family, and friends, had to go through, but at the time I switched off and showed little sympathy.

I now experience pain, lack of energy, disability as never before, and I see little improvement in the long run. I ether lie in bed for 12 hours every night, dozing and waking up for a Paracetamol, or I am downstairs in my chair next to the radiator with a blanket over me, drinking and eating a bit here and there when I can.

I am getting used to this and am not unhappy, but fear for the well-being of Penny and Sarah who I have become dependant on. My world has shrunk, but thank the Gods for FB and Social Media, through whom I can still feel part of a larger and vibrant Community…

January 1, 2021

All silent – January 1st 2021…

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Not even the sound of a twig snapping, or fox barking, a bird. All silent. No voices on the road above, no distant sound of a car or tractor. All silent. Looking out on a white landscape, frost not snow, no wind, nothing. All silent. Not a disturbing silence, but a welcome one. The silence of Nature resting, gathering energy. The silence of impending drama, Soon Nature will leap out of bed – and sing!