December 16, 2020

Covid and Christmas…

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I was surprised when the Covid social distancing rules were relaxed, against medical advice, for five days over Christmas. Covid rates all over the place are rising, Government is getting cold feet. Johnson and Whitty are politically unable to change the Christmas rules, and we have been told that they are not a target.

But we must take responsibility for interpreting these rules in a safe way – to make Christmas short, with a bubble less than three families if possible. A mixed message if ever there was one – you can drive down an icy road at 70 mph, but driving much slower is preferable for your safety, and the safety of others, said Whitty.

I have no idea how people will respond to this, but whatever, we must expect even higher rates of Covid after Christmas. Penny and I will remain in our little bubble for as long as we can, hoping that we can come out after being vaccinated – but we are in no hurry….

December 12, 2020

Surrendering to the Gods…my journey into old age continues apace…

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Last night I lay flat on my back in bed from 4 pm to 8 am – interrupted by slow and cumbersome visits to the bathroom. This morning finds me sitting downstairs- for breakfast just an Aymes nutritional shake. For lunch I must eat something – hope I can manage a small portion of something.

My journey into old age continues apace. I have become more dependent, less able to be in charge of my life. In the past I could usually command my body, but now I have to take orders from it.
I have started low dose Amitriptyline for my back ache, first dose last night,and this may have taken the edge of the pain, but I am weaker, more prone to falls. These falls occur suddenly, and I am down with a crash. Then I have to climb back up, a painful process.

Days are more and more focussed on my disability – I need a Rollator to get about inside the house, and have not been out for days. I often feel that the Gods are playing with me, like a cat does with a mouse. I know that I have to surrender, and this experience was one my Ancestors had to go through.

The stripping away of Ego and dignity – easier to accept intellectually than emotionally, but why should I be different from others? This is a journey that we all have to take sooner or later…

December 4, 2020


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Penny, who was only just 18, took me to see Camelot in the West End, for my 20th Birthday present in 1964. It was a wonderful production, never to be forgotten. We got married two and a half years later. Thank you, my dear xxx

December 3, 2020

Letting go, Old Age, and Destiny

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When old age comes it is interesting how the world shrinks, and the focus of life becomes more on ailments and body parts.

Yesterday my main event of the day was a visit to see a charming Consultant in Older Persons Health, and he referred me for a CT Scan of chest and abdomen. Today a visit from a Physio is due.

When two or more old people get together it is described as an Organ Recital. I have to say I resent this change, and would really just like to talk about Philosophy, read books, and ride my horses.

So much of our lives happen without us having any choices. Destiny is a strange thing, and I rely more and more on others as time goes on and less on myself. I guess it teaches humility and helps us eliminate pride, and falsely inflated egos. Letting go, is no longer a choice but a necessity.

But there is freedom too, trust of others, and an increasing feeling of belonging to the natural world and its cycles, preparing to join those Ancestors, Family, Friends and Mentors that have gone before, and still teach me so much…