November 27, 2020


Posted in Uncategorized at 2:23 pm by Aleksan

Yesterday I went in to Andover Hospital for a bladder and kidneys Ultrasound. The worst part was having to drink a litre of water one hour beforehand. It turned out to be quite exhausting, pushing my Rollator up the long sloping corridor, and eventually sitting spaced out in the waiting area, trying to avoid the gaze of other maskers.

It went well, but a lot of hopping on and off trolleys, moving on to my side – not easy on my poor old back! Nina was very professional and had the most wonderful computer set up.

I told her that I worked there from 1975 to 1996, and many were the times we walked up from the Health Centre to the Canteen at the very top. She asked if the food was as bad as it is now – no, wonderful food in my day, and if I wasn’t careful I would fall asleep during my afternoon clinic.

This did happen once “You were well away there doctor” – “No, just shut my eyes briefly to think about what you were saying” – I had no idea what this was, and she knew I lied! Not my finest hour…

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