November 16, 2020

Dilemma – need to eat more but no appetite…

Posted in Uncategorized at 10:10 am by Aleksan

My goals at the moment are to exercise more, eat more and hopefully put on the stone of weight that I have lost, and to get as fit as I can. The first I can do, but I still lack an appetite, eat little and consequently my body is weak, and I am getting a lot of back ache probably due to a weakened body core.

More riding, for short periods at first, will help my core, as will specially designed stretches and exercise. But I have got stuck on the eating side – I need plenty of fibre, protein and fluids in my diet. Complan drinks may give me protein but I am full up for several hours afterwards.

Tasty food helps, but I rarely feel able to eat what is on my plate. It’s a dilemma – I need lots of good food but my appetite just isn’t there, and after eating only a little I feel full up. Frustrating, not just for me but for those that cook and provide my food too! Has anyone else been here, and any positive solutions?

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