November 5, 2020

He who would valiant be….

Posted in Uncategorized at 9:54 am by Aleksan

“Hobgoblin, nor foul fiend, can daunt his Spirit”

There are several Hobgoblins whispering in my ear as I gradually recover from my stroke and previous infections. “

“This won’t last” – “You will never ride again” – “You might as well give up now and die, it can’t be long anyway” – “Your life is over, is just downhill now”

I have not been playing music for a while, nor watched any of those funny videos you get on Facebook, they sometimes make me laugh. Still no appetite and sleeping a lot. I have become depressed and must work on this now. The political environment, the cold and Lockdown don’t help.

So have decided to reverse this trend and regain control over my own destiny. No more listening to those dismal Hobgoblins that daunt my Sprit! With the help of my Dragons “I must valiant be”….

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