October 19, 2020


Posted in Uncategorized at 11:38 am by Aleksan

Just for fun I though I would list a selection of my physical defects – why Penny says I am a “walking medical dictionary”

Diseased brain for 50 years, Asthma, Gastric Reflux disorder, Aortic Heart valve defect, Cystic “Dromedary” kidneys, Christmas Tree bladder – needs intermittent catheterising, osteoarthritis right knee …..enough to be going with no doubt.

I was told on Saturday that I am very frail, my body is 85 equivalent, and I will not survive a heart attack, my Carotid arteries are furred up – should seriously consider signing a DO NOT ACTIVELY RESUSCITATE FORM – happy to do this, guess I am worn out – so much I learned from my day at Winchester Hospital – where I was born and where I later delivered babies…

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