October 13, 2020

Brother Ass

Posted in Uncategorized at 1:56 pm by Aleksan

One thing I can do when not sleeping is write – not for you but for me. I find it focusses my mind and takes attention away from my body. Yes my body, which St Francis called Brother Ass!

I really know what he means by that…so lucky to have my Team around, moving me away from negative and morbid thoughts – I think I may be marginally better but the mornings are awful. I am now on anti nausea meds which have taken the edge off that awful symptom, and meant I can sometimes eat a little.

As the day wears on I usually improve. So although it is still up and down and the back pain is almost gone, I am not so well able to move about and my energy is low, but I am buoyed up by healing light from friends family and my Druid Brothers and Sisters – my Druid practice several times a day is a blessing indeed. Love to you all, from my comfortable seat downstairs, by the window, in sunlight xxx

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