October 7, 2020

Not sure whether the nausea is due to the kidney infection, the antibiotics – or both…

Posted in Uncategorized at 11:22 am by Aleksan

Thank so many of you for your kind wishes. I am an impatient man and think that after three days I should be cured, this time from a bacterial infection in my kidneys. Not sure whether the ever present nausea is due to the disease or the Antibiotic, probably both. I am able to eat very little and it feels like my stomach has shrunk or disappeared,

I am sleeping a great deal, night and day, and although I am up, have not been outside Mostly I sit dreaminily in Odin’s Throne, in my study, observing Giants, Dwarves, Elves, Faeries and the crazy antics of my fellow Humans, as they briefly gyrate on the Stage that is Life and Death.

Family and friends have visited and taken my mind away from myself for a while, and Penny has been loving, kind and understanding. I must weather this storm as I have so many others all through my life, and indeed surprised to find that I am now 75, going on 76.

I am not sure what the Gods are teaching me but it certainly includes letting go and patience.
Love to you all, fellow Maskers xxx

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