September 27, 2020

I am now on the mend, the good days are coming more than the bad days – onward and upward!

Posted in Uncategorized at 7:46 am by Aleksan

Having been through a strange collection of symptoms since my chest infection in July – extreme day time sleepiness, brain fog, weakness, depression – I believe I am now really on the mend, and the good days are now coming more often than the bad days. I guess this has been a classical post viral fatigue syndrome.

I am now making sure I get up at 7 ish in the mornings, and don’t go to bed before 9.30 – sleep,as we age, has a different quality – but too much sleep is associated with early death.

Losing Sammy and part of my vision has been a big loss, at a difficult time, but I am adapting, and beginning to enjoy life again. Visitors perk me up, but Covid restrictions don’t help, so we mostly meet in the garden – always a beautiful and relaxing environment.

Penny, Sarah Johns, my family and friends have been understanding supportive, made me laugh and kept me positive through the bad times – thank you.

My appetite has improved a bit, and I have re-started Pilates with Mel – and was amazed to find that I can still do the exercises and stretches quite well. These I will continue fortnightly, and hopefully I will ride Sonadora a bit more, my therapeutic magical Mare!

I guess I am still convalescing and not planning to travel anywhere at the moment – so thank you all for your good wishes and healing light – onwards and upwards once again!

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