September 17, 2020

Time marches on, I hope I am ageing gracefully….

Posted in Uncategorized at 8:51 am by Aleksan

Time cannot be held back – I will be 76 in December, not an old age I think, but nature seems to have decided otherwise – I talk to myself, mutter about the World, shuffle along in a stoop and don’t want to go anywhere. I love the occasional visitor, but get tired easily.

I have aged since getting the virus in the Summer, and possibly because I no longer have my dear old Sam to keep me young. I still get fevers, have good days and bad ones, and more and more rely on my imagination and the World of Nature to sustain my Spirit.

When I was young 76 was considered old, but now so many people live healthy lives into their 80s and 90s. Quality of life is so much more important than longevity, and I don’t fear death.

Meanwhile I live in the present, grateful for past blessings and current ones, slower than before – but loving the people I know, the wildlife around me, Penny’s beautiful garden, the river and the meadows.

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