September 16, 2020

Dragon or Cockatrice?

Posted in Uncategorized at 11:01 am by Aleksan

Today I heard from a Bard a strange tale of a Dragon, seen somewhere past Wherwell near the road to Winchester. I would very much like to converse with this Dragon, and plan a Quest to that end.

Legend has it that “The Wherwell Cockatrice was allegedly hatched in Wherwell Priory by a toad which sat on a cock’s egg. It soon grew into a man-eating monster which devoured several knights who attempted to slay it. The creature was eventually killed when it saw it’s reflection in a mirror wielded by a local labourer. The deed was commemorated by a weather vane on the church of St Peter and Holy Cross at Wherwell, and which is now in Andover Museum.”

It is possible that our Dragon is a descendant of the Cockatrice, so we must tread lightly…George, I wonder whether you would like to accompany me on this Quest, but I must emphasise that slaying the Dragon is not the objective!

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