September 14, 2020

My current impaired vision…

Posted in Uncategorized at 4:53 pm by Aleksan

I have some visual impairment in both eyes long term, and more recently my left cataract replacement lens has failed. I heard today that Ophthalmology are not doing the laser operation that would clean my cataract replacement lens and get me reading again.

At the moment I can only read large print letters, black on white, if the font is bold. This means I can no longer read ordinary letters, magazines or books – but luckily my devices have all been adapted for large clear fonts. I still spend three times the time it usually takes to make sure the spelling etc is OK.

So my Druidry course is on hold, and luckily I am almost at the end. I am now requesting printed stuff in large font where I can. So I am having a little break from reading, courtesy the Gods, and am next going to get some prescription Polaroids and maybe a Magnifier of some sort – the ordinary magnifying glass is not particularly helpful. I have to peer closely and see only two or three words at a time.

I am not officially registered as visually impaired, and still hoping for the laser treatment for my failed left replacement lens. The cataract in my right eye is not yet mature, but the optic nerve damage behind both eyes has had a severe affect on acuity.

So now just waiting for Covid to pass and the Ophthalmology Dept to re-start laser treatments – I wonder if I am turning into the apocryphal “blind” Seer like Teresias of Old – not ready for that I want my close working sight to return!

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