September 29, 2020

A bit breathless still…

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I am a bit breathless still – could this be because I have Asthma? Incompetent Aortic valve in my heart? A cold? Long Covid? Long standing Neurological disease? All of these or none of these – maybe I just need a big kick up the Proverbial!

September 27, 2020

I am now on the mend, the good days are coming more than the bad days – onward and upward!

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Having been through a strange collection of symptoms since my chest infection in July – extreme day time sleepiness, brain fog, weakness, depression – I believe I am now really on the mend, and the good days are now coming more often than the bad days. I guess this has been a classical post viral fatigue syndrome.

I am now making sure I get up at 7 ish in the mornings, and don’t go to bed before 9.30 – sleep,as we age, has a different quality – but too much sleep is associated with early death.

Losing Sammy and part of my vision has been a big loss, at a difficult time, but I am adapting, and beginning to enjoy life again. Visitors perk me up, but Covid restrictions don’t help, so we mostly meet in the garden – always a beautiful and relaxing environment.

Penny, Sarah Johns, my family and friends have been understanding supportive, made me laugh and kept me positive through the bad times – thank you.

My appetite has improved a bit, and I have re-started Pilates with Mel – and was amazed to find that I can still do the exercises and stretches quite well. These I will continue fortnightly, and hopefully I will ride Sonadora a bit more, my therapeutic magical Mare!

I guess I am still convalescing and not planning to travel anywhere at the moment – so thank you all for your good wishes and healing light – onwards and upwards once again!

September 26, 2020

Adverts on the Moon? Human arrogance knows no end….

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Adverts in the Night Sky? On the Moon? I am appalled! Is nothing Sacred anymore? Hasn’t our species abused the World enough? Having destroyed so much on our own planet, our self centred Human species is intent on destroying the rest of Space, given the chance – sad times, mad times – enough.

September 24, 2020

Mission: Reduce human domination over Nature

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My mission is not just to re-enchant the world, but to reverse the many ill effects resulting from human domination of wildlife, the land, the atmosphere and the sea.

I believe that the Judaeo-Christian religions are responsible for the Worship of Man, not the Gods of Nature, and the balance must be restored, even if this means a massive decline in the human population, and of human influence, on our small fragile, abused world.

I have myself contributed to the mess we are in – private car travel, air travel, sea cruises and using oil fired heating at home – diet and clothes choices have played a part too.

It’s going to be difficult to change all these at once, but a journey of a hundred miles begins with a single step….

September 19, 2020

Zooming and Questing

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It’s quiet here today – Penny is having a weekend of Zoom meetings with the Textile Study Group, who produced that beautiful book INSIGHTS. This has replaced her annual weekend away – she is enjoying it, over in her Studio.

I am going out Questing with George Hofman later, and we will have an autumnal pic nic rather than go to the pub as has been our custom. How things have changed since the Covid!

But the Sun and Moon still shine, and we all continue to transmute through our various life cycles for a brief moment in Eternity….Ha ha ha 🪐

September 17, 2020

Time marches on, I hope I am ageing gracefully….

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Time cannot be held back – I will be 76 in December, not an old age I think, but nature seems to have decided otherwise – I talk to myself, mutter about the World, shuffle along in a stoop and don’t want to go anywhere. I love the occasional visitor, but get tired easily.

I have aged since getting the virus in the Summer, and possibly because I no longer have my dear old Sam to keep me young. I still get fevers, have good days and bad ones, and more and more rely on my imagination and the World of Nature to sustain my Spirit.

When I was young 76 was considered old, but now so many people live healthy lives into their 80s and 90s. Quality of life is so much more important than longevity, and I don’t fear death.

Meanwhile I live in the present, grateful for past blessings and current ones, slower than before – but loving the people I know, the wildlife around me, Penny’s beautiful garden, the river and the meadows.

September 16, 2020

Dragon or Cockatrice?

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Today I heard from a Bard a strange tale of a Dragon, seen somewhere past Wherwell near the road to Winchester. I would very much like to converse with this Dragon, and plan a Quest to that end.

Legend has it that “The Wherwell Cockatrice was allegedly hatched in Wherwell Priory by a toad which sat on a cock’s egg. It soon grew into a man-eating monster which devoured several knights who attempted to slay it. The creature was eventually killed when it saw it’s reflection in a mirror wielded by a local labourer. The deed was commemorated by a weather vane on the church of St Peter and Holy Cross at Wherwell, and which is now in Andover Museum.”

It is possible that our Dragon is a descendant of the Cockatrice, so we must tread lightly…George, I wonder whether you would like to accompany me on this Quest, but I must emphasise that slaying the Dragon is not the objective!

September 15, 2020

Aerial Viking’s…

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I often see a solitary Grey Heron flapping their way above the river – but this afternoon I was sitting with Sarah Johns, chewing the cud, when she jumped up excitedly and pointed to the Heavens – there were seven Grey Herons flying over the house heading South West. I would have thought they were geese unless Sarah had been there to describe them – we wondered if they were a young batchelor group looking for new territories…aerial Vikings

September 14, 2020

My current impaired vision…

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I have some visual impairment in both eyes long term, and more recently my left cataract replacement lens has failed. I heard today that Ophthalmology are not doing the laser operation that would clean my cataract replacement lens and get me reading again.

At the moment I can only read large print letters, black on white, if the font is bold. This means I can no longer read ordinary letters, magazines or books – but luckily my devices have all been adapted for large clear fonts. I still spend three times the time it usually takes to make sure the spelling etc is OK.

So my Druidry course is on hold, and luckily I am almost at the end. I am now requesting printed stuff in large font where I can. So I am having a little break from reading, courtesy the Gods, and am next going to get some prescription Polaroids and maybe a Magnifier of some sort – the ordinary magnifying glass is not particularly helpful. I have to peer closely and see only two or three words at a time.

I am not officially registered as visually impaired, and still hoping for the laser treatment for my failed left replacement lens. The cataract in my right eye is not yet mature, but the optic nerve damage behind both eyes has had a severe affect on acuity.

So now just waiting for Covid to pass and the Ophthalmology Dept to re-start laser treatments – I wonder if I am turning into the apocryphal “blind” Seer like Teresias of Old – not ready for that I want my close working sight to return!

September 11, 2020

History lesson….

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My finger nails are growing very fast these days – I used to bite the. down at school, but I have more time to cut them now – I open a drawer to find the nail clippers and find a last bit of chocolate wrapped in foil – it is now history, like the rest of my life.

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