August 26, 2020

Eyes, Lens, Non headache Migraine Aura

Posted in Uncategorized at 9:36 am by Aleksan

Just sat for a while outside in the bright sun, and went completely blind in my left eye, brown background with black moving dots. Lasted 10 minutes, recovering only after I came indoors.

Scary, but know my cataract replacement lens has failed after being in for about 5 years, and I am waiting for an appointment at the Eye Department to clean the lens with lasers.

I am also experiencing non-headache migraine auras most days – a brain issue, affecting both eyes. So all devices are on large fonts with bold text – helps a lot, but can’t read other booky stuff.

This has all been a problem since my virus in July, and I still have no appetite, experience fatigue, and sleep often, but which leaves me tired and not revived.

I know these things can last several months, but maybe the lasers will improve vision sooner rather than later….

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