August 14, 2020

The “I” and the “Me” – the transient and the Unborn

Posted in Uncategorized at 3:46 pm by Aleksan

Listening to Arvo Part’s poignant music “Spiegel im Spiegel” I drift off to sleep- awakening to consider the different Natures of “I” and “Me”

Buddhists understand “I” to be an illusion, a temporary manifestation of “Ego” in spacetime, transient and reactive to the moment, ever changing, and essentially non-existent in any real sense.

But the Buddhists also talk about something else “The Unborn” and therefore “Undying”. Might this also be called the “Me”, an identity we each have independent of the Space -Time – Acceleration Continuum? The “I” is born and dies with every breath, but I understand the “Me to exist outside or parallel to spacetime.

When my body dies, my “I” dies with my body, I shall no longer inhabit this world in spacetime, and everyone I know will die at the same time, because spacetime is basically an illusion, a device for enabling life and growth.

But what about the ”Me”? Does this exist outside spacetime? If so will all the other “Me” entities, you guys, be there in some non spacetime form, independently of life, time and space?

Something “Me” looks forward to finding out!

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