August 10, 2020

Sam’s last message

Posted in Uncategorized at 2:27 pm by Aleksan

I don’t know whether to share this or not, or who with. But I want to share it. Just before Sammy died, he was lieing on a blanket on the lawn on his right side. I said goodbye by touching our foreheads together. Then I noticed his left eye was looking at me intently.

My mind became filled with an expanding bubble – it was Sam’s mind, still and clear. He was telling me he was sorry to go. Just that. It was very powerful, and then the message bubble shrank back, leaving my normal mind feeling thankful but sad.

Sammy died soon after. His mind message means a lot to me, containing hope – hope of what I don’t know. We often had telepathic moments, but this last message was special…thank you Sam x

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