August 1, 2020

After much dithering and confusion, Johnson has got it right…

Posted in Uncategorized at 7:29 am by Aleksan

Two things Johnson has got right – at last – after much dithering and confusion, we must face and fight the Obesity epidemic in the country and we must face and fight the World Covid 19 Pandemic. Covid has not gone away, it is taking an increasing toll each day, and Europe is in danger of more waves too.

Yet there are people out there jetting about in planes, not wearing masks and seemingly in denial of reality. Pandemics have a habit of lingering in dark corners and coming back with a vengeance. Of course the tourist industry is important, but it must come second to the Health. The Labour position seems to be the wrong way round, work and jobs do not come before Health.

Being unwell myself, and suffering from weakness and fatigue after a bout of Pneumonia does focus the mind. I also had a career as a Doctor, where my patients always came before vested political or financial interests – this does nor seem to happen anymore….

Yes, Mr Johnson, you are getting there, and I suspect that your own brush with the Grim Reaper has focussed your mind – at last.

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