August 14, 2020

The “I” and the “Me” – the transient and the Unborn

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Listening to Arvo Part’s poignant music “Spiegel im Spiegel” I drift off to sleep- awakening to consider the different Natures of “I” and “Me”

Buddhists understand “I” to be an illusion, a temporary manifestation of “Ego” in spacetime, transient and reactive to the moment, ever changing, and essentially non-existent in any real sense.

But the Buddhists also talk about something else “The Unborn” and therefore “Undying”. Might this also be called the “Me” – an identity we each have independent of the Space -Time – Acceleration Continuum? The “I” is born and dies with every breath, but I understand the “Me” to exist outside or parallel to spacetime.

When my body dies, my “I” dies with my body, I shall no longer inhabit this world in spacetime, and everyone I know will die at the same time, because spacetime is basically an illusion, a device for enabling life and growth.

But what about the ”Me”? Does this exist outside spacetime? If so will all the other “Me” entities, you guys, be there in some non spacetime form, independently of life, time and space?

Something “Me” looks forward to finding out!

August 10, 2020

Sam’s last message

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I don’t know whether to share this or not, or who with. But I want to share it. Just before Sammy died, he was lieing on a blanket on the lawn on his right side. I said goodbye by touching our foreheads together. Then I noticed his left eye was looking at me intently.

My mind became filled with an expanding bubble – it was Sam’s mind, still and clear. He was telling me he was sorry to go. Just that. It was very powerful, and then the message bubble shrank back, leaving my normal mind feeling thankful but sad.

Sammy died soon after. His mind message means a lot to me, containing hope – hope of what I don’t know. We often had telepathic moments, but this last message was special…thank you Sam x

August 8, 2020

Sammy – love and loss

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I sort of avoid going by Sammy’s grave but make myself + today I looked back and. I “saw” him leap out, run across the grass to be with me – now I am crying again – I know it’s normal, I have seen so many dogs pass away – thank you for sharing about Daisy – – life and death are very strange – I guess we grow through the experience of love and loss, and it helps us give meaning to life – but it is so hard. Mostly I’m OK, even a bit manic, but the waves of loss keep returning. Thanks for listening, you’d have thought I would be used to it by now, but it gets worse, perhaps because my own mortality is not very far away…x

August 3, 2020

You can’t keep a good man out of the saddle for very long….Esmae on Estrella, and me on Sonadora….photo by Sarah Johns

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Song of the Nightingale

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Last night, just before falling asleep, I heard the magical, bubbling song of the nightingale, outside my bedroom – followed by a good sleep and dreams – not heard it so close before…

August 1, 2020

Lammas Day

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In Ladakh, where Tibetan Buddhism holds sway, when an old person developed wrinkles and white hair, people said “You are ripe for the Harvest, let it be a good one!”

After much dithering and confusion, Johnson has got it right…

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Two things Johnson has got right – at last – after much dithering and confusion, we must face and fight the Obesity epidemic in the country and we must face and fight the World Covid 19 Pandemic. Covid has not gone away, it is taking an increasing toll each day, and Europe is in danger of more waves too.

Yet there are people out there jetting about in planes, not wearing masks and seemingly in denial of reality. Pandemics have a habit of lingering in dark corners and coming back with a vengeance. Of course the tourist industry is important, but it must come second to the Health. The Labour position seems to be the wrong way round, work and jobs do not come before Health.

Being unwell myself, and suffering from weakness and fatigue after a bout of Pneumonia does focus the mind. I also had a career as a Doctor, where my patients always came before vested political or financial interests – this does nor seem to happen anymore….

Yes, Mr Johnson, you are getting there, and I suspect that your own brush with the Grim Reaper has focussed your mind – at last.