August 31, 2020

Cultural Appropriation

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I don’t buy the hang ups about a “Cultural Appropriation”. Culture is learned, it is copied, it is spread. Helpful culture survives and thrives, unhelpful culture withers away.
It’s like Gene and Meme evolution, Darwinian, the survival of the fittest. Animals do it, birds do it, and monkeys do it. Why try to keep culture to yourself when it benefits others. Well done to the black guys supporting Adele.


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A heated and creative conversation with Fair Ways “Mac”and my nephew Giles, plus an earlier coffee, thanks Giles, and I feel a lot better! Hopefully my low Blood Pressure has jumped a bit and I can take back my role as Devil’s Advocate on the Philosophical/Political stage. Looking forward to that Haggis Mac brought me from Scotland!

August 29, 2020

Is Progress an Illusion?

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I once read the disturbing words “Progress is an Illusion” – and realised that this is true. Looking at the world today, it is difficult to see that Humans have progressed other than technologically.

The only meaningful progress takes place in each one of us, over a lifetime, or perhaps not at all.

“We have Palaeolithic emotions, medieval institutions and God-like technologies”. E O WILSON

No wonder life is hard…

August 27, 2020

Britons, never, never shall be slaves!

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Britons never, never shall be slaves – and nor should anyone be a slaves. Britons have been taken into slavery by Arabs from North Africa, raiding Cornish fishing villages – Vikings from Norway, Denmark, Iceland, Scotland and Ireland have also taken Britons as slaves.

King Alfred countered this with a Navy and a stronger Army. I shall certainly be singing loudly “Britons shall never, never be slaves” on the last night of the Proms.

Britons too have enslaved people, Africans in particular, and this is something we must be ashamed of. No one must ever, ever be enslaved, in any country for any reason.

August 26, 2020


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Wanderer on the Farm Bridleway – to be honest I only walked about 50 yards, but looks good! Photo by Sarah Johns

Eyes, Lens, Non headache Migraine Aura

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Just sat for a while outside in the bright sun, and went completely blind in my left eye, brown background with black moving dots. Lasted 10 minutes, recovering only after I came indoors.

Scary, but know my cataract replacement lens has failed after being in for about 5 years, and I am waiting for an appointment at the Eye Department to clean the lens with lasers.

I am also experiencing non-headache migraine auras most days – a brain issue, affecting both eyes. So all devices are on large fonts with bold text – helps a lot, but can’t read other booky stuff.

This has all been a problem since my virus in July, and I still have no appetite, experience fatigue, and sleep often, but which leaves me tired and not revived.

I know these things can last several months, but maybe the lasers will improve vision sooner rather than later….

August 23, 2020

Not such a wonderful Police Force…

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Our wonderful Police Force – a car and a work van trashed in Stockbridge yesterday, in the early morning, thousands of pounds of goods stolen from several locations – but as yet, over one day later, NO interest or action by the Police!

They really are incompetent, yes, under resourced, but certainly not doing the job we all pay them to do. They seem scared of confronting Pykies, whose camps they won’t enter.

Questions must be asked, and complaints registered. Sadly, in my life, it’s always been much the same – I have no respect for this bunch of charlatans, playing at Cops and Robbers. We are not protected from crime, and there is little willingness to apprehend thieves and bullies…..disgusted. #HampshireConstabulary

Don’t keep talking to me about Love and Truth…

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Don’t keep talking to me about Love and Truth – instead show some tolerance to other people’s views – practice kindness to all existences, including the human sort…

Not our Health Service’s finest hour….

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Our wonderful Health Service – Care Homes under constant pressure to take Covid 19 patients from Hospitals – but Care Home Residents refused treatment for Covid 19 patients by hospitals AND GPs – Not our finest hour…..

August 21, 2020

For Maggie – Bimbling Burnfield

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Bimbling Burnfield, sometimes bumbling, often bungling
Trying to make sense of a truly crazy world
Time is not an Illusion but it is a Mystery
As we trundle through, there is no stopping
Unforgiving time shows no mercy
All those present moments remembered or forgotten
The only place to be, but no longer existing
Destiny or Delusion
Let’s just be kind now
While we can….

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