July 25, 2020

A slow recovery….

Posted in Uncategorized at 9:19 am by Aleksan

Three weeks ago I was smitten by a very unpleasant virus – it affected me in several ways – fevers, coughing, breathlessness, visual problems, especially blurring and unfocused eyes and strange pains in my fingers. The tests showed I was, at an early stage, Covid Negative, but there are a lot of false negatives!

This condition lasted about two weeks, although at first I thought I was recovering. However I went backwards for awhile, but now I am slowly improving. I seem to have classical post-viral fatigue syndrome which includes tiredness, difficulty with exercise, aches and pains during the night. I continue with blurred vision and loss of focus and I have lost my appetite.

I know it will take me another couple of weeks or more to make a full recovery, and I have to find the patience for this. Meanwhile I put my faith in Doctor Fresh Air, Doctor Light and Energy, Doctor Rest and Healing and Doctor Connection with Nature.

But I do not despise Medicine – Jeff has just brought me a very large bottle of Croft’s Original Sherry – one glass three times a day before meals…

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