July 30, 2020

I miss my Sammy…..

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I miss my dear old Sam so much – he was like my shadow, always near, always fun. I am still grieving for my Sammy, the waves of sadness come over me, but I also smile, and am grateful for his life, and that I could share it with him xxx

July 29, 2020


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It’s been a while, all of July, while I have felt in limbo, dreaming a lot, sleeping, not eating much, drifting in the Healing Light – I have not been out for a few days, but visited Blondie’s Bridge today where I sent Peace to each of the Four Directions and called upon Guides, Local Spirits and Ancestors for their Blessings. – I am moving more into the Light, and stay close to the Natural World – dare I say it yet, but my bones are warmer, my heart lighter and my Soul more joyful – love to you all for your healing and kind wishes, Thank You x

July 26, 2020

Sammy, you are all ears, legs and tails!

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Sammy could no longer rush up and down the stairs in his last few months, due to his worn out old bones. We got a stair lift for me, who also had become unable to get up and down without a struggle – and wondered about Sammy using it too. We thought he might be frightened and try and get off, but no, he took to it instantly. I used to say “Sammy, you are all ears, legs and tails” as I lifted him up on to my lap. We then had a very cosy ride together, up or down, and he seemed to enjoy me chewing his ears!

July 25, 2020

A slow recovery….

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Three weeks ago I was smitten by a very unpleasant virus – it affected me in several ways – fevers, coughing, breathlessness, visual problems, especially blurring and unfocused eyes and strange pains in my fingers. The tests showed I was, at an early stage, Covid Negative, but there are a lot of false negatives!

This condition lasted about two weeks, although at first I thought I was recovering. However I went backwards for awhile, but now I am slowly improving. I seem to have classical post-viral fatigue syndrome which includes tiredness, difficulty with exercise, aches and pains during the night. I continue with blurred vision and loss of focus and I have lost my appetite.

I know it will take me another couple of weeks or more to make a full recovery, and I have to find the patience for this. Meanwhile I put my faith in Doctor Fresh Air, Doctor Light and Energy, Doctor Rest and Healing and Doctor Connection with Nature.

But I do not despise Medicine – Jeff has just brought me a very large bottle of Croft’s Original Sherry – one glass three times a day before meals…

July 23, 2020

Give me breath, give me healing!

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I call upon the Powers of the East and the Hawk of Dawn, soaring in the clear skies of Albion, and the Element of Air – and I ask for Blessings of Breath, Breathing and Healing, and the energy of the Golden Dragon, connecting me to Mother Nature and the Sky Gods Triumphant! I breathe in and I breathe out the Sacred Word, and let Sun and Moon work their Magic!

July 20, 2020


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It’s only now that Penny and I have come to realise just how much physical and mental energy went into looking after Sammy in his last weeks and months. We both became ill ourselves in different ways, and poor Sam somehow dominated every moment in one way or another. He had lived an active and energetic life to the full, but old age caught up with him, and we could not save him from that….

Now he has gone we are both totally exhausted, and it’s taking time to appreciate how much more time we now have for ourselves, and how less restricted we are. Sam was ready to go, he was worn out. We helped him pass on and loved him dearly. But we are too old to have another dog now – luckily we have many other doggy friends in our lives, and will be sharing the love.

July 14, 2020

A Case of Mistaken Identity

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Drifting in and out of what I hope is a healing sleep strange memories flit across my mind. It’s late in 1980 and I visit the opticians – they ask me – have I ever been there before?

No, I haven’t. But the records say you have been here before – it clearly states that Alexander Burnfield of Longstock visited this opticians a year ago – with dirty scratched and cracked spectacles held together with Sellotape….

Of course that was my dad I told them, who died earlier in the year. A wonderful connection, and it certainly made me laugh! Farmer dad with his scratched spectacles done up with Sellotape! Proud of him..

July 13, 2020

Masks – the clever thing to do is wear them….

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COVID-19 is a dangerous infection – I was Covid negative but listening to the discussions on the radio it is clear to me that the wearing of facemasks or coverings should be mandatory outside the home. We now know that Covid not only damages the lungs and kills people, but also damages the heart. I shall certainly be wearing my mask when I recover from my current chest infection. I hope that all of you reading this will do the same.. Wearing a mask is not about being afraid, or being weak – it’s an Intelligence Test….

July 12, 2020

Healing of body and Soul – the journey continues…

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Penny has just asked me if I have posted an update this morning – no I have not – this isn’t because I have nothing to say because I feel a great deal and often want to say it too, but I don’t want to overburden people with negativity or illusion.

The truth is that the antibiotics are working and reducing the infection in my lungs, but there is a price to be paid -.the antibiotics themselves are basically a poison to eradicate the bugs in my chest, but being a poison they also affect my whole body, one reason I try to avoid them. This is certainly the case now, and I am experiencing a sort of zonked out feeling together with waves of nausea and lack of motivation.

I know this will pass and I know that the powerful drugs that my doctors have prescribed will do the trick, eradicate the bugs and restore me to physical health in time. However I need more than that – I need to be healed as a whole person, my soul needs to heal, I need the blessings of the Gods, connection with my ancestors and my friends and family. I need to see the greenery outside and breathe in the fresh air.

I am particularly lazy today and that is why I am recording this rather than writing it because although my eyes are less blurry I still find watching the screen and working out the letters rather difficult – so I guess the message today is that I am progressing slowly, not fighting but allowing the healing to take place in my body physically, mentally and spiritually. Blessings to you all and I thank you for your continuing messages for my well-being and recovery. A journey of 100 miles begins with the first step, and each of life’s cycles is another journey…Now to get out of bed and face a new day!

July 11, 2020

Chest infection update….

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I have been prescribed a broad spectrum Tetracycline Antibiotic. (Exactly what I would have prescribed for a patient like me 50 years ago)

Went downhill yesterday evening, fever, continuous coughing, falling asleep and apathetic – after a few phone calls by Sarah Johns to 111 and from various remote hubs to me, all friendly and considerate, I got an appointment at a clinic in Romsey. Lovely Nurse Mandy all togged up examined me. 38.3 temp, oxygen 94 and crepitations (crakling bubbly sounds) both sides of lungs – If my oxygen had been 92 or less, she said I would be straight off to Hospital!

Feeling a little better this morning, and thanks to Penny and Sarah J for looking after me,, and thank you for all your kind wishes for my recovery. Will get up now and take it a bit steady avoiding sunlight and alcohol…

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