June 27, 2020

The Covid Fork – will be become more like China? Or more like Scandinavia? Can we choose anyway?

Posted in Uncategorized at 10:23 am by Aleksan

Democracy has served this country and many others in the World reasonably well up to now. But it does depend on people taking responsibility for their behaviour. Many now are apparently unable to take responsibility for them selves, expecting others to control their behaviour.

Masses on the beach, tons of litter, disposal barbecues in the Forests, street fights….This childish and immature behaviour will mean an authoritarian crack down, sooner or later. Western countries will have to become more like China, imposing social controls perhaps through phone apps. This works well in China where its people are kept in ignorance, sundued by fear, and controlled by a centralised system – the Communist Party.

Do we want to end up like the Chinese people, or even the Russians? What is a better and workable alternative to more control, less information and less freedom? The Scandinavian countries manage to maintain order better than the UK or the USA, but they have smaller populations, are well educated, and importantly they are wealthy, with fairer societies sharing the wealth.

Climate change is rampant, people will soon be expected to make difficult life style choices, change how they behave. The same goes for pollution of land sea and air – difficult choices. Can we make them?

We have a fork in the road now, the Covid Fork – to become more like China, or more like Scandinavia – which will it be?

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