June 21, 2020

Be proud of who you are – but not arrogant

Posted in Uncategorized at 12:07 pm by Aleksan

I have noticed that some of my friends are scared to be proud of their family and origins because they might be considered racist. I am proud of my country but don’t consider it better than others – that is Patriotism, as opposed to Nationalism – when you believe your country superior to others.

In the same way I am proud to be an old, white man, and I honour my family, and my friends from many different genders, ages, backgrounds and ethnic communities. I don’t believe I am better than others and I advocate equal opportunities for all, whatever age, sex or race they come from.

Let’s not get silly folks – we are all a mixture, we come from all over, our skins have different hues. Vibe la difference! Be proud but not arrogant, we are brothers and sisters together on Spaceship Earth.

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