June 20, 2020

Even the Gods bow to those that show Restraint

Posted in Uncategorized at 2:02 pm by Aleksan

Intolerance – of different faces, different views, different voices, different beliefs, different customs. Difference can induce fear, sadness, or anger. The anger may be justified, and if not heard lead to violence.

The Buddha said that hate cannot be eradicated by hate, but by understanding and compassion. Jesus said remove the splinter from your own eye, before removing sawdust from another’s eye. Mohammad said put God‘s will before your own. They all said treat others as you want to be treated.

None of this can happen if we see only the differences between each other. Intolerance will only disappear when we realise that we are all life forms sharing the same brief moment in Space Time. The suffering of one is the suffering of all, and the acceptance and love of one, is love and commitment to all. Even the Gods bow to those that show restraint.

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