June 14, 2020

No Huawei please, we’re British

Posted in Uncategorized at 9:13 am by Aleksan

Should we deal with China, a large country ruled by an elite group of dictators who still call themselves Communist – The Communist Party. I often wonder how they manage to maintain the pretence of Communism since they practice an uncompromising form of State Capitalism, and control their population without basic liberties of freedom of speech or action.

I was a naive teenage communist at school – cured by a visit to Leningrad in 1961 when I saw the reality – class division, police brutality, poverty, and fear of speaking openly. People knew their place, did not question authority and depended on free housing and State benefits. I was only 17 but several young lads wanted to talk to me in the street, and we exchanged addresses.

I never heard from them and my letters home were censored, You could say that it was not real communism, and of course is wasn’t – but being realistic and taking account of human nature, I don’t believe genuine communism – from each according to their ability and to each according to their need – is possible in our world, at this very early stage of evolution.

In my view it is crazy to allow a Chinese company like Huawei to play a part in our communication system, however good the company is in delivering high quality products. No Chinese company is free of State oversight, and is expected to ultimately serve the wishes and needs of the Chinese Communist Party.

Our own system is far from perfect, but let’s not sell our National Soul to the Devil of the Chinese Imperialistic Project for short term gains – other countries, like Australia, have seen the light. No Huawei for our communications networks!

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