June 8, 2020

Hay-fever, Anxiety and Depression

Posted in Uncategorized at 9:07 am by Aleksan

It’s the Hay-fever season, and like so many others I take Antihistamines to reduce symptoms. It’s not just sneezing and itchy eyes, but the whole body is affected. The night before last we had a lot of rain for a change, and I think it must have brought down a load of pollen.

I felt ill all through yesterday, anxious and quite sad and negative. This is so unusual for me – I am normally cheerful and light hearted. Today it’s much better, and I am concentrating, and back to my default happy and mischievous self. But it made me think about people who suffer anxiety and depression over long periods…

What must always be recognised is that anxiety and depression are essentially physical diseases – the whole body is involved not just the brain or the mind. Depression and anxiety are biological diseases causing mental health and physical symptoms – this applies to a high proportion of other mental health condition too.

There is evidence that inflammation in parts of the body, especially long lasting damage with the production of cytokines, could be a major factor in Clinical Depression, as well as psycho-social and genetic factors. I am glad I just have Hay-fever, but it helps me to empathise better with those who have far worse mental health issues, and chronic inflammatory diseases.

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