June 3, 2020

Free Speech is more Sacred than Political Ideology

Posted in Uncategorized at 12:46 pm by Aleksan

A friend of mine in the USA firmly believes that the mainstream media over there is strongly biased in favour of the Liberal Left. The Left, over here in the UK, commonly believe the media is biased towards the Right – and Vice Versa!

At least at the moment we have free speech – jaw jaw is better than war, war said Churchill. He also said that democracy is a flawed system but the others are worse, or words to that affect. Trump and the alt-right wish to dominate. It may come to that, if so may the Gods save us, because this will lead to the end of free speech, maybe the end of democracy.

Free speech is crucial in all this, everyone is biased unconsciously as well as consciously sometimes. What is most important is to challenge authority, speak truth to power, and put the other point of view – this is more sacred than Left or Right ideologiesā€¦

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