June 1, 2020

Violence, the Language of the Unheard – USA Today

Posted in Uncategorized at 8:01 am by Aleksan

“Violence is the language of the unheard”. M L King Junior. Whatever the politicos say in the USA it is clear than racism and brutality are institutionalised in sections of the US Police and the culture of many in that country. The murder of George Floyd was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

No one can condone a violent response by many Black people but it is understandable, and to a great extent the responsibility of those in authority and with power in that country who have not heard the voices of an oppressed and abused section of the US population.

Trump has made no attempt at listening or making peace, possibly because he believes that he will gain votes from the poor, ignorant and uneducated White people that voted him in as President.

Leaders are judged kindly not by their ability to threaten, control and divide but by how they listen, share power, and look after the underprivileged. Let us hope kindness and wisdom prevail, but after so many years of injustice in that country it will require time, forgiveness and restitution – I am not holding my breath….

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