June 30, 2020

Some morning beauties! The Ladybird poppy is something different, if you want to stay sane don’t look at it for too long…..

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June 29, 2020

Spirit of the Wind

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I wish to hear no voices
The saying in the wind is enough
I wish to hear no singing
The song of the wind is enough
I wish to hear no music
The harmony of the wind is enough
I wish to hear no crying
The sighing in the wind is enough
I wish to hear no laughing
The smiling of the wind is enough
The Spirit in the wind is enough

Gillbride June 2020

June 27, 2020

The Covid Fork – will be become more like China? Or more like Scandinavia? Can we choose anyway?

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Democracy has served this country and many others in the World reasonably well up to now. But it does depend on people taking responsibility for their behaviour. Many now are apparently unable to take responsibility for them selves, expecting others to control their behaviour.

Masses on the beach, tons of litter, disposal barbecues in the Forests, street fights….This childish and immature behaviour will mean an authoritarian crack down, sooner or later. Western countries will have to become more like China, imposing social controls perhaps through phone apps. This works well in China where its people are kept in ignorance, sundued by fear, and controlled by a centralised system – the Communist Party.

Do we want to end up like the Chinese people, or even the Russians? What is a better and workable alternative to more control, less information and less freedom? The Scandinavian countries manage to maintain order better than the UK or the USA, but they have smaller populations, are well educated, and importantly they are wealthy, with fairer societies sharing the wealth.

Climate change is rampant, people will soon be expected to make difficult life style choices, change how they behave. The same goes for pollution of land sea and air – difficult choices. Can we make them?

We have a fork in the road now, the Covid Fork – to become more like China, or more like Scandinavia – which will it be?

June 25, 2020

A waiting game…we are heading for more authoritarian Government

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Crowds on the South coast, tons of litter, fly parking, roads gridlocked – the locals are fed up, the authorities can do nothing. My concern is that the Government nationally will play a waiting game – the people cannot police themselves, the population is angry – a perfect time to bring in more authoritarian Government locally and nationally – with the agreement of the silent majority. Loss of freedoms, restrictions, big fines, rationed visiting to forest and beaches, no barbecues – and who will oppose this? Certainly not a weak opposition Party. Times are changing and we must be very careful what we wish for…

Zombied by Zoom!

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Technology has always been fun for me, and I quite like having Alexa and Echo around to tease and provide instant music, and tell me the time in the early hours of the morning. There are a few other disembodied voices around on my Bose thing, phones and Ipads which occasionally address me at odd times about batteries and connections.

Zoom however is difficult for me, because my particular visual difficulty means I have to scan, and can only see properly what I specifically look at, not the whole field of vision. So Zoom meetings are tiring, and I usually end up listening rather than looking at the screen. You can’t win them all – Echo, play some songs by Patricia Cruz…

June 21, 2020

Be proud of who you are – but not arrogant

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I have noticed that some of my friends are scared to be proud of their family and origins because they might be considered racist. I am proud of my country but don’t consider it better than others – that is Patriotism, as opposed to Nationalism – when you believe your country superior to others.

In the same way I am proud to be an old, white man, and I honour my family, and my friends from many different genders, ages, backgrounds and ethnic communities. I don’t believe I am better than others and I advocate equal opportunities for all, whatever age, sex or race they come from.

Let’s not get silly folks – we are all a mixture, we come from all over, our skins have different hues. Vibe la difference! Be proud but not arrogant, we are brothers and sisters together on Spaceship Earth.

Terstan Garden – opening Sunday June 28th

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Do you fancy a trip out to a country garden next Sunday? Terstan garden is looking its best at the moment, full of colour, unusual plants and cool, shady places to sit and relax. Here are the details – do come and see us!

Our garden, Terstan, Longstock, Stockbridge, Hampshire SO20 6DW will be open for the National Gardens Scheme on Sunday June 28th, to raise money for the NGS medical and nursing charities.

There will be timed admission slots of one hour starting at 11.00 am and finishing at 5.45 pm. Admission is £5.00 per person, children free.
There will be plants for sale and social distancing will be ensured. Sadly we are unable to serve teas.

Tickets will be available from Monday 22nd June on the NGS website. ngs.org.uk You can book and pay online. Go to: Book a visit – Book to visit a garden – South East – Hampshire – Terstan. You will find photos, directions, and more details of the garden there.

We look forward to welcoming you. Sandy and Penny Burnfield

PS. You may like to bring your own cushion and plenty of change for the plant sales!

June 20, 2020

Even the Gods bow to those that show Restraint

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Intolerance – of different faces, different views, different voices, different beliefs, different customs. Difference can induce fear, sadness, or anger. The anger may be justified, and if not heard lead to violence.

The Buddha said that hate cannot be eradicated by hate, but by understanding and compassion. Jesus said remove the splinter from your own eye, before removing sawdust from another’s eye. Mohammad said put God‘s will before your own. They all said treat others as you want to be treated.

None of this can happen if we see only the differences between each other. Intolerance will only disappear when we realise that we are all life forms sharing the same brief moment in Space Time. The suffering of one is the suffering of all, and the acceptance and love of one, is love and commitment to all. Even the Gods bow to those that show restraint.

June 19, 2020

Bias, Bullies and Demonisation

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Labels can hide or distort the truth – truth, whose truth? Fascist, Communist, Lefty, Alt-Right…My concern is that our own unconscious bias can make us see bullying behaviour differently depending on background, education, social circumstances and locality.

I try to take a centrist position, seeing political arguments independently from bias, making pragmatic rather than ideological choices. Extremism from left or right ideologies can lead to an undemocratic stance where violence is considered OK if it supports a position sympathetic to our own prejudice.

I hope this makes sense, but of course, I am riddled with unconscious bias as much as everyone else and have to work on awareness of my underlying, often irrational, but deep seated beliefs. Bullying is bullying, and we must expose it when it occurs, without demonising bullies or victims.

June 18, 2020

Vibrant colours and exquisite scents in Terstan Garden after rain ….

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