May 17, 2020

Rainbow music in my Body and Soul

Posted in Uncategorized at 10:31 am by Aleksan

At my base the red paeony, Earth energy, my organic source vibrating slow and deep. Orange poppies vibrating faster in my lower belly, my human essence. Yellow flowers and foliage, at my solar plexus, living and playful me – vibrating faster. At my heart the green in trees and shrubs faster vibrations of love and compassion. Sky blue at my throat, connection and communication, the vibration has increased. At my brow, my third eye, indigo alliums, my.higher self, wisdom and intuition, as the vibrations come faster, the humming is like the bees. Violet at my crown, the vibrations are so fast now, that I feel imbued by the music of the spheres, I am not I, but part of the Great Spirit – the colours of the rainbow the orchestra of existence OM

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