May 13, 2020

Mrs Rabbit, where are you?

Posted in Uncategorized at 3:13 pm by Aleksan

Louise loved bringing out her animals when it was sunny and playing with them under the apple trees – she had two little dogs, two sheep and a rabbit, arranged in a circle facing each other so they could talk together.”Don’t you dare worry those sheep Mr Dog – and dear Mrs Rabbit I’ll look after you – would you like some lemonade?” Louise played all afternoon in the grass, but then there was a crack of lightening, and the rain came down.

Louise grabbed her animals in her little hands and ran indoors – and dried off in front of the fire. It was soon tea time, and she stuffed herself with bread and butter with a little jam too, her mother’s special Damson Jam,from the tree by the old clogged up Mill Stream, where the ground was suitably damp.

It was sunny agin the next day and Louise collected up her animals for more play – Mr and Mrs Dog, the two Miss Sheeps – but where is Mrs Rabbit? She looked, all day, Ma and Pa looked but no one could find Mrs Rabbit. “I expect she has gone down her burrow to see her family” said her Pa – but it did not stop Louise crying – the tears poured down her pink cheeks – she never forgot pretty Mrs Rabbit all her long life, then when she was seventy five years old, her grandson George ran in from the garden “Look what I found Grannie, it’s a pretty toy rabbit!”

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