May 12, 2020

Listen to the skies, listen to the people!

Posted in Uncategorized at 9:22 am by Aleksan

A fresh, pure, uncluttered sky as nature intended- no vapour trails of pollution, no aircraft noises – bliss – just the spring birdsong. I breath in deeply and smile – how long can this last? Yes we want the Covid to go but many, like me don’t want pollution back – polluted air, polluted seas, polluted land. Only 20 in 100 people on this planet ever get into an aeroplane – the rest pay the price. Knowing what I know now I regret the many times I have flown in my life. I didn’t know then but we all know now. Pollution kills children and adults all over the planet, a pandemic of sorts even worse than Covid in its destruction of humans, animals and plants. We now see how quickly and easily it can be reversed when there is the will. Covid has caused many deaths and much misery. So does pollution, so let this be a warning to the humans who have power over the planet – listen to the skies, listen to the ordinary people, act now!

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