May 11, 2020

Stay Alert! What’s not to understand?

Posted in Uncategorized at 7:36 am by Aleksan

I am no Tory and did not vote for Boris, but he came across clearly and and unambiguously this evening – folks, if you did not understand what he said you need to go back to school, putting it politely….

I am rather surprised that so many, including Sturgeon and Co in Scotland, don’t understand what Stay Alert means. If you ride horses or drive a car then you should know what this means. Being constantly aware and making decisions about safety. The opposite is to be careless and expect nanny to make decisions for you. Staying Alert does mean you have to be grown up.

No one is safe – you can never be completely safe – there is always uncertainty. But if you have some information, which will always be incomplete, you can minimise risks

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