May 28, 2020

Sinner or Victim? Cummings, values and our Society

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Dominic Cummings, a Sinner or a Victim? So simple to adopt such stereotyping, but there are more complex issues involved here about the nature of authority and when to challenge it. Cummings comes from a privileged background and his educational values will be about loyalty, self reliance and taking responsibility for personal decisions.

Like it or not there are different value systems operating in our Society and most of us pick up our beliefs and attitudes from family and school. There is an upside and a downside to the way things are socially, and sometimes what are strengths in one context become weaknesses in another. For this reason I personally reject ideological models in favour of pragmatic ones, and for me understanding context means adopting an attitude of curious interest in what goes on around me rather than being overly judgemental.

I expect many will think this is a cop out, but the truth is we all have different personalities, backgrounds, culture and experience – this makes for a creative but sometimes explosive mix – called Democracy.

May 27, 2020

Longstock Hit and Run Violent Robbery May 22nd 2020 – PLEASE HELP, PLEASE SHARE!

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*Dash cam or CCTV needed. Anyone driving around Longstock, Fullerton, Wherwell, Broughton, Wallop, West Wellow (and villages between) on Saturday the 23rd of May, late afternoon 6pm – 8.30pm.

**The car used for the violent crime at Longstock Village Hall at 1840 is coneccted to other thefts and crimes around the local area (including knocking a child off a bike).

***We need to identify the driver. The vehicle is a Blue people carrier registration AF02 ACU – If you have any footage that may help please call 101 crime reference number INC/20200523/0866. A £500 REWARD for anyone providing information leading to a conviction.


May 22, 2020

When Time is Timeless, the Faeries are near

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My Soul a little distant from my body, a good time to hear the Goddess and listen to the Faeries. The Dragons want to sleep for a while, their snoring makes me sleepy too. I dream a little, feel close to the trans-rational, and want to write poetry – but the Muse is sleeping too – there is a time for fire and a time for water, a time for the sword, a time for to hide inside the mountain cave and play my metaphorical harp – that time is now…

May 20, 2020

Looking at Nature reduces stress

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The leaves of the Cardoon are a good example of Fractals, repeating patterns, which occur everywhere in Nature. Research has shown that looking at computerised models of Fractals can reduce stress. This phenomenon is even more pronounced in the natural world, enhanced by sunlight and oxygen, the pleasure of symmetry and patterns, the invisible vibrating energies of the Life Force itself.

May 19, 2020

For Ceridwen

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For Ceridwen
Here is my old body, it can still Bless
Here is my fiery heart,it will always Love
Here is my wandering mind, which can focus healing Light and give counsel
Here is my connected Soul that can share and radiate Peace
Receiver of your many gifts, I am your Druid now
Reborn from your Magic Cauldron, I am honoured to be in your Sacred Service, and follow the Goddess.

Gillbride /|\

Two old dogs playing silly buggers!

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Sammy and I are both now on the elderly side, both a bit hard of hearing, wobbly, and having poor eyesight. This makes for amusing times on what are shortish bimbles out these days. He often loses sight of me and I can see him peering about, only about twenty yards away, looking for me as I shout louder and louder! When he eventually finds me he wobbles over, staying close until he smells something else interesting.

His world is full of colourful odours and scents, a bit like my visual world but in a way I will never be able to understand. We have a lot of fun, and today was no exception. I bumbled into an Iris plant in a pot waiting to be planted. I carefully put it back together with its two companions – and then Sam lurched into all three, knocking them over – I guess he won that one!

May 17, 2020

Rainbow music in my Body and Soul

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At my base the red paeony, Earth energy, my organic source vibrating slow and deep. Orange poppies vibrating faster in my lower belly, my human essence. Yellow flowers and foliage, at my solar plexus, living and playful me – vibrating faster. At my heart the green in trees and shrubs faster vibrations of love and compassion. Sky blue at my throat, connection and communication, the vibration has increased. At my brow, my third eye, indigo alliums, my.higher self, wisdom and intuition, as the vibrations come faster, the humming is like the bees. Violet at my crown, the vibrations are so fast now, that I feel imbued by the music of the spheres, I am not I, but part of the Great Spirit – the colours of the rainbow the orchestra of existence OM

May 14, 2020

Crab Wood

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Dreaming of Strawberries!

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Last night I dreamed of Strawberrys – I saw a Strawberry plant, wanted one, but no, they did not belong to me. Just now Penny presented me with my first Strawberry of the year! I had no idea she was growing some plants in our greenhouse- sometimes dreams do come true 🍓

May 13, 2020

Mrs Rabbit, where are you?

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Louise loved bringing out her animals when it was sunny and playing with them under the apple trees – she had two little dogs, two sheep and a rabbit, arranged in a circle facing each other so they could talk together.”Don’t you dare worry those sheep Mr Dog – and dear Mrs Rabbit I’ll look after you – would you like some lemonade?” Louise played all afternoon in the grass, but then there was a crack of lightening, and the rain came down.

Louise grabbed her animals in her little hands and ran indoors – and dried off in front of the fire. It was soon tea time, and she stuffed herself with bread and butter with a little jam too, her mother’s special Damson Jam,from the tree by the old clogged up Mill Stream, where the ground was suitably damp.

It was sunny agin the next day and Louise collected up her animals for more play – Mr and Mrs Dog, the two Miss Sheeps – but where is Mrs Rabbit? She looked, all day, Ma and Pa looked but no one could find Mrs Rabbit. “I expect she has gone down her burrow to see her family” said her Pa – but it did not stop Louise crying – the tears poured down her pink cheeks – she never forgot pretty Mrs Rabbit all her long life, then when she was seventy five years old, her grandson George ran in from the garden “Look what I found Grannie, it’s a pretty toy rabbit!”

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