April 25, 2020

Ancient Magick and Modern Science

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I have been studying the School of Hermetic Magick originating from the teachings of Hermes Trismegistus thousands of years ago in Ancient Egypt. He taught that the the Universe consisted of energies vibrating in several dimensions at different frequencies.

On Tuesday morning Professor Brian Green is featuring in Radio 4’s “The Life Scientific” and presenting the latest Scientific understanding of the nature of the Universe – vibrating strings of energies in at least eleven different dimensions! I must listen to that…

The Life Scientific – Brian Green, Prof Columbia, NY

Super string theory
Number Theory ?
Maths or Physics
Maths made up probs
Physics prob made by Nature
? Theory of Everything
New Paradigm – incl. Relatively and Quantum ?
String theory? Theory of Everything? Michael Green
Unified Theory ? String Theory 1980s and 1990s
Keble College, Oxford
At smallest level by millions extended vibrating strings in 11 dimensions unseen, unseeable
Maths insisted there are more than 3 dimensions
More than 10 dimensions
New String theory includes 11 dimensions – Ed Whitton
M theory – 11 dimensions
Experimental evidence – lacking ….?
We are quarter century ahead of M theory
Hadron collider 10 to power 4 too weak to test strings
Super Symmetry – is Universe Super Symmetric?
No evidence of SS
But String Theory can’t be proved or disproved!
That is current challenge for technology
May be possible at some point….Quantum Universe?
Math insights have Beauty and Power
Book – The Elegant Universe to be updated
ALL good flow from a single math equation
Latest book-Time – what we consider lasting and permanent – is not!
Here and now is all we have access to
Focus – Philosophy, Religious Teachers, Mindfulness
Denial of Death – book – Author?
More to Life than Physics…..well blow me down 😀

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