April 13, 2020

The Badger Wars

Posted in Uncategorized at 10:32 am by Aleksan

Our neighbour Gary told me that he sometimes hears Badgers fighting in our garden at night. I too have heard horrible noises, grunting, hissing and terrifying screams, but just pulled the duvet over my head. When I have looked out of the window I have sometimes seen strange shadows in the dark, a spine tingling experience sending me quickly back to the safety my bed. It is worse around Halloween when I believe the Badgers get drunk on fermented apples. Large piles of Badger poo appear afterwards in the garden, in specially dug pits.

But Gary tells me that male Badgers from different tribes on opposite sides of the river meet here in our garden to fight territorial battles and maybe to dispute girlfriends. So Terstan is a Badger battlefield, and for them, like the ancient Belgae folk of the East and the Durotiges of the West, The River Test is an important boundary, and Blondie’s Bridge a busy place at night.

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