April 11, 2020

My Dream future!

Posted in Uncategorized at 10:10 am by Aleksan

I take no notice of the inane male lecturer who I know is scared of me. My name is Zephaniah and I am a tall redhead with attitude! I sit in his chair and he lets me – so typical of him with his moustache and permanent smile. I am talented and show off my latest creation to the rest of the students, but I don’t care what they think!

I have recurring dreams about being a student at some sort of Art School. The setting is not the past or the present – it’s in the future. Zephaniah is a male name, but not in my dream time – I am female, wilful and playful but show deference to no one.

My Jungian Analyst, Lotte Rosenberg, would discuss my dreams with me and she would have said that Zephaniah was an Anima Archetype, part of my own inner unconscious, a partly or completely hidden part of my personality, to be welcomed and integrated into my being. But I think that this is me in a future life and it’s going to be fun!

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