April 7, 2020

Covid 19 prevalence differences in the U.K.

Posted in Uncategorized at 8:45 am by Aleksan

Looking at yesterday’s data, the huge difference between London and the South West. Whether this is due to difference in people concentrations, travelling frequently or just because people in the South West are less sociable I don’t know. We used to be in the South West, and we are certainly in Wessex, but for reasons best known to themselves the powers that be re-drew their arbitrary lines and said that we were in the South East. I don’t accept this. The old natural border of the River Test was always a boundary, and indeed separated the western Durotriges with a stronghold at Danebury Ring from the eastern Belgae based at Winchester in pre-Roman times. Some research suggests that these two tribes may have spoken different languages – the Belgae a form of early English, and the Durotriges something more like.Welsh. We are on the western bank of the river Test, and the farm used to look to Salisbury Market for trading. Change is certainly Nature’s Delight, as Marcus Aurelius put it, but culture knows no boundary, unlike the Covid 19 virus.

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