April 1, 2020

My political perspective in March 1917

Posted in Uncategorized at 9:32 am by Aleksan

It is interesting for me, a young old man of 72 to observe the contortions of modern political choreography, and I smile at how strong feelings run about such things as Brexit, Trump, Scottish independence and the poor old EU. Having been born at the end of the last World War I have seen many changes, mostly for the good. The world has less wars, and generally people are living longer, so the Health Services are more than keeping up. I love to see more and more people taking an interest in so many things on Social Media – we can all express our opinions and change our beliefs when we can discern fake news for the real thing. We may not have power as individuals, but we certainly do as communities. I am not attached to Brexit or the EU, to one party or another and I know that there are always arguments on both sides, or more correctly on many sides. I am not attached to the Union or to countries within it going there own way. In fact I am optimistic that changes for the better will in time predominate over changes for the worse. So I maintain a Zen view of curious interest in politics linked to a firm belief in wisdom and kindness as the basis of all interactions between women and men. People think we Humans are the final peak of evolution – I do not believe that – instead I believe that we are the beginning of an evolutionary process in which we can all share in creating meaning now for the better future of the world and the Universe. That is a challenge indeed!

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