April 1, 2020

Memories of home cooking at Hazeldown Farm

Posted in Uncategorized at 1:57 pm by Aleksan

Our mum baked lots of cakes, made oatcakes and pancakes. Dad always made salt porridge with top of the milk for his breakfast, which we often had too. We sometimes had scrambled eggs or omelettes for breakfast, and I remember the occasional delicious partridge. Dad sat at the end of the table in charge of the bread. He carved each each of us slices and often threw them over. He was the Hlafward = Lord, or keeper of the Loaf. Mum always made either rice pudding or milk pudding every dinner time always 12 midday. Tea time was at 5 Ish, when there were boiled eggs, lots of cake, especially mum’s special chocolate topped sponges. We had plenty of potatoes and vegetables from the garden and kale from the fields. Dad made a walking stick from kale and also experimented growing his own tobacco leaves. We had the local milk round and dad also made butter and separated out cream. We were very well fed, all the cooking being done on the kitchen Aga.

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