April 28, 2020

I love nice Mr Chockles

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April 25, 2020

Ancient Magick and Modern Science

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I have been studying the School of Hermetic Magick originating from the teachings of Hermes Trismegistus thousands of years ago in Ancient Egypt. He taught that the the Universe consisted of energies vibrating in several dimensions at different frequencies.

On Tuesday morning Professor Brian Green is featuring in Radio 4’s “The Life Scientific” and presenting the latest Scientific understanding of the nature of the Universe – vibrating strings of energies in at least eleven different dimensions! I must listen to that…

The Life Scientific – Brian Green, Prof Columbia, NY

Super string theory
Number Theory ?
Maths or Physics
Maths made up probs
Physics prob made by Nature
? Theory of Everything
New Paradigm – incl. Relatively and Quantum ?
String theory? Theory of Everything? Michael Green
Unified Theory ? String Theory 1980s and 1990s
Keble College, Oxford
At smallest level by millions extended vibrating strings in 11 dimensions unseen, unseeable
Maths insisted there are more than 3 dimensions
More than 10 dimensions
New String theory includes 11 dimensions – Ed Whitton
M theory – 11 dimensions
Experimental evidence – lacking ….?
We are quarter century ahead of M theory
Hadron collider 10 to power 4 too weak to test strings
Super Symmetry – is Universe Super Symmetric?
No evidence of SS
But String Theory can’t be proved or disproved!
That is current challenge for technology
May be possible at some point….Quantum Universe?
Math insights have Beauty and Power
Book – The Elegant Universe to be updated
ALL good flow from a single math equation
Latest book-Time – what we consider lasting and permanent – is not!
Here and now is all we have access to
Focus – Philosophy, Religious Teachers, Mindfulness
Denial of Death – book – Author?
More to Life than Physics…..well blow me down 😀

April 20, 2020

Personality type and the Quarantine

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Like quite a few people I am finding the Quarantine easy going, but I understand that compared to many I am in a privileged position, with no children at home and a large garden.

But personality plays a part too. I realised only after retirement, that like many Psychiatrists, I was not really a people person. I am curiously interested in my fellow humans but like to see them on an appointment basis, limiting contact time.

I was surprised to find that I was not empathic in quite the same way as others, and again like many of my Psychiatrists colleagues, came out rather high on the Baron-Cohen’s “autistic spectrum”. Without this personality type perhaps us shrinks would not be able to help severely disturbed and unhappy people and still sleep at night!

April 19, 2020

How about this for colour?

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Tulip “Isle de France” at Terstan Garden

April 13, 2020

The Badger Wars

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Our neighbour Gary told me that he sometimes hears Badgers fighting in our garden at night. I too have heard horrible noises, grunting, hissing and terrifying screams, but just pulled the duvet over my head. When I have looked out of the window I have sometimes seen strange shadows in the dark, a spine tingling experience sending me quickly back to the safety my bed. It is worse around Halloween when I believe the Badgers get drunk on fermented apples. Large piles of Badger poo appear afterwards in the garden, in specially dug pits.

But Gary tells me that male Badgers from different tribes on opposite sides of the river meet here in our garden to fight territorial battles and maybe to dispute girlfriends. So Terstan is a Badger battlefield, and for them, like the ancient Belgae folk of the East and the Durotiges of the West, The River Test is an important boundary, and Blondie’s Bridge a busy place at night.

April 11, 2020

My Dream future!

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I take no notice of the inane male lecturer who I know is scared of me. My name is Zephaniah and I am a tall redhead with attitude! I sit in his chair and he lets me – so typical of him with his moustache and permanent smile. I am talented and show off my latest creation to the rest of the students, but I don’t care what they think!

I have recurring dreams about being a student at some sort of Art School. The setting is not the past or the present – it’s in the future. Zephaniah is a male name, but not in my dream time – I am female, wilful and playful but show deference to no one.

My Jungian Analyst, Lotte Rosenberg, would discuss my dreams with me and she would have said that Zephaniah was an Anima Archetype, part of my own inner unconscious, a partly or completely hidden part of my personality, to be welcomed and integrated into my being. But I think that this is me in a future life and it’s going to be fun!

April 9, 2020

Such a pity….

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Such a pity – instead of the usual microwaveable meal from the Co-op I was planning a special treat for Penny in London for our 53rd Anniversary at the end of month – Rolls Royce to the Ritz for tea, , posh weekend at the Dorchester, a couple of Champagne dinners, a Show or two and return home by private Jet. Unfortunately, through no fault of my own, this cannot happen – maybe though, Fish and Chips take-away from the local pub?

April 8, 2020

The “Rona” defers to no authority, but we can a least care for one another whatever our political allegiance

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What is this wrinkled piece of paper that Penny has put on the table? Nothing much gets past Penny, or Sarah J who does the shopping. All mail is opened, the envelopes binned and the contents sprayed with disinfectant. I get to see things when they have dried out.

Rather poignantly it is the Boris letter. As I read it I think of him in the ICU recovering from the “Rona” and I send him, and his loved ones, blessings of light and healing. This virus defers to no authority, and whatever our political allegiances, we must all care for, and love, one another.

April 7, 2020

Covid 19 prevalence differences in the U.K.

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Looking at yesterday’s data, the huge difference between London and the South West. Whether this is due to difference in people concentrations, travelling frequently or just because people in the South West are less sociable I don’t know. We used to be in the South West, and we are certainly in Wessex, but for reasons best known to themselves the powers that be re-drew their arbitrary lines and said that we were in the South East. I don’t accept this. The old natural border of the River Test was always a boundary, and indeed separated the western Durotriges with a stronghold at Danebury Ring from the eastern Belgae based at Winchester in pre-Roman times. Some research suggests that these two tribes may have spoken different languages – the Belgae a form of early English, and the Durotriges something more like.Welsh. We are on the western bank of the river Test, and the farm used to look to Salisbury Market for trading. Change is certainly Nature’s Delight, as Marcus Aurelius put it, but culture knows no boundary, unlike the Covid 19 virus.

April 1, 2020

Disgusted with some medical colleagues…

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I don’t often get angry but I am disgusted to hear that some GPs are ringing up elderly people with underlying health issues, including my friends, and asking them if they would like to sign a Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) form, should they get Covid 19.

Doctors are there to serve their patients not to act as agents of the State and intimidate vulnerable people.

If anyone gets one of these calls report the doctor to the General Medical Council. Yes, we live in stressful times, but this Government policy smacks too much of Hitler’s Final Solution to be in any way acceptable – ashamed of some of my Medical colleagues…

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