March 10, 2020

Not letting the Bug get out of proportion….

Posted in Uncategorized at 4:49 pm by Aleksan

I meet people who play down the Virus, kiss and hug. I meet people who are the other way, anxious and taking every precaution. I don’t want to get this bug, especially being an elderly asthmatic, but neither do I want to retreat from the world.

My situation is made more complicated because I get an occasional asthmatic coughing fit, if I move from warmer to colder air or vice versa. This might alarm people! So I am trying to take a middle way, a rational perspective. Meeting friends occasionally, going out sometimes but avoiding being in groups, and making sure I wash my hands and use a hand sanitizer when it seems appropriate.

The danger, it seems to me, is that the hysteria could be more debilitating than the bug. So cutting down on the News helps, although I find my curiosity often gets the better of me there – I need to know what’s going on….so see you on FB folks, and let’s hope the Sun comes out and we can soon meet each other outside in fresh air – a blast of Sun, Light and Laughter is what the doctor prescribes…

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