March 9, 2020

Respect the Gods…..or take the consequences…

Posted in Uncategorized at 10:00 am by Aleksan

This tiny virus is proving to be uber powerful. It seems to be closing down normal activities and putting economies into recession, and it has only been around for under three months….perhaps it is not really so unexpected – a world overpopulated with humans, polluted and abused by humans, disrespected by humans….

Gaia is going to restore the balance one way or another, and who can blame her? She is telling us to take more care of her, and her plants, soil, oceans and wildlife. We need to reduce the risk of spreading this little virus, but most importantly deal with the underlying problem of overpopulation, wars, famine, exploitation of land and sea, and of our arrogant disregard for how we treat our air and the atmosphere.

We have forgotten the basic rule of life “Respect the Gods”. If we don’t respect the Gods of Earth and Nature then we must expect them to take the necessary action – to put things right on their own terms.

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