February 24, 2020

Sky Shenanigans!

Posted in Uncategorized at 12:48 pm by Aleksan

Sky Shenagigans! We got Sky when the kids lived here many moons ago, and just kept it going…but we don’t watch football or much sport so we have stopped using it, dismantled the equipment and remover the satellite dish.

This morning I tried to cancel the subscription! Then the fun began! All methods of online cancelling met a brick wall or were intercepted by scammers! They had locked My Sky, they were very busy indeed on the phone and it would take over 30 minutes. Emails I sent disappeared into cyberspace, never to be seen again – instead authentic messages from “Sky” confirmed the cancellation saying they would give me a refund if I sent my Bank details!

It is a nightmare – when I have recovered from laughing I will write a formal letter cancelling my Sky Subscription and send it by Registered Post – but what is the genuine address and who will receive it? Next step after that I guess will be to rattle the cage of some impersonal robotic Regulator – and go through the process all over again – Kafka, come back, all is forgiven!

But they did send me a message – to say that they knew my Satellite Dish was not working – it had been damaged by the storm….that would be Storm Jesse Johns I guess!

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