February 23, 2020

Mr Claver, I honour your kindness – thank you.

Posted in Uncategorized at 11:10 am by Aleksan

There has been a lot of talk about random acts of kindness from Teachers that have changed people’s lives. I was sent away to a boarding school, Marsh Court, aged 7. On the first night there at supper the Headmaster told me not to cry…because it would upset the other boys.

The next day we had to go up to the games field but I didn’t know the way. Mr Claver, a young man with dark curly hair, a prominent nose, wearing a checked sports jacket and smoking a pipe, saw me crying. He was kind and told me that it was his first day too. He pointed me through the woods to the games field.

Mr Claver was a strict maths Master who never said anything special to me again. But I have never forgotten his kindness, and will never forget him. School was bearable after that. Wherever you are, Sir, I honour you, and send my love and deep gratitude. I remember you often.

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