February 19, 2020

Terstan, the house in the Longstock Water Meadows

Posted in Uncategorized at 9:22 am by Aleksan

Our house is built on the flood plain without proper foundations. It probably was constructed on a bed of reeds “floating” on peat. It is apparently sinking at a rate of 6 inches every hundred years, so I was told.

We have very low ceilings downstairs because the floor has been raised from time to time. Why was it built on the flood plain? Not a good idea for accommodation or for a farm. The reason is probably that many years ago it was one of six Water Mills recorded as being at Stoches (now Longstock) in the Domesday book.

We have never been flooded in our time here since 1969, but we have had water all around and flooding most of the garden. The house itself seems to be on a sort of island, and the large flood plain all around spreads out ground water,, or any over spill coming from a fast flowing trout stream, the River Test, only 17 miles long. This river is managed by Natural England, and the Houghton Fishing Club here controls the flow very effectively with a system of sluices and carrier streams.

We will continue to live here, but one day, hopefully after our time, this place will be flooded, and lie beneath a wider river Test…

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