January 30, 2020

Brexit tomorrow -Its time to move on…

Posted in Uncategorized at 12:02 pm by Aleksan

Ok we are leaving the EU tomorrow night – most people in Scotland and Northern Ireland did not want this, and nor did many in England. I thought it was a backward step and still do but no one is going to get anywhere by defacing 50 p coins or planting municipal weeping willows. Things are pretty weird just now with silly ideas like the token, environment destroying, HS2, homicidal smart motorways, and using a compromised Chinese firm to develop our communications. Well that’s my view, and I don’t expect everyone to agree! I would hate that…

Brexit is going to happen, a weak PM and an outdated party of privilege are in power, partly due to a failing democratic system unrepresentative of the people. Lets now get on with it, fight unfairness, corruption, mediocrity and bullying when we see it – and move forward rather than moaning and blaming everyone else. But most importantly respect other people’s views and debate with an evidence base. My own generation is pretty much backward looking, so the future lies with the young people with vision and energy – let’s give them a chance.

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