January 25, 2020

History Lesson

Posted in Uncategorized at 3:49 pm by Aleksan

The people of the first part of the 21st century were technologically rich and weaponised to a high degree. Society was theoretically democratic but in practice Leaders of the major powers behaved like dictators, listening only to the rich and powerful.

These leaders had a poor understanding of Science and little respect for Scientists, resulting in a denial of land and sea pollution, and the devastating affects of climate change that had been built up over many years of thoughtless exploitation of resources and the pursuit of ever more economic growth.

Young people and the intelligentsia, the University teachers and students, became increasingly disillusioned by an ever more increasingly divided society, and the unfairness of the political system. Mass communication was facilitated by an advanced technology, and people in cities in several countries took matters into their own hands, protesting on the streets and pointing out the Science so far denied by the powerful with vested interests in keeping a corrupt and exploitative system going for their own ends.

Like Joan of Arc before her, a teenage girl together with a very old man, showed the world that the Emperor in fact, had no clothes, and that unless science and evidence were listened to, human Society and much animal and plant life was threatened with Extinction…..the rest is History, and you will know how it all ended, and why we, the few humans that do still exist, live in caves deep beneath the surface of what was once a green and blue World.

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