January 16, 2020

Is the present moment more important than the world of imagination?

Posted in Uncategorized at 11:15 am by Aleksan

How often do any of us really live “in the present moment”. I know I mostly live in my imagination or somewhere outside of my present moment, in a book, in music, in a conversation or in companionship with humans and animals. I learnt to daydream early in life, especially after being sent to Boarding School at age seven.

The present moments there were often tedious, cold, scary, violent or humiliating. I lived much of the time in my own world of Space Travel, Spies and Adventure. Books were my life, where I could be who I liked in many different situations and environments. Mr Wright, our strict but mostly benevolent Headmaster, thought of me as a dreamer, and on one occasion quoted from the Old Testament, seeing me drifting towards him in a school corridor but in my own world – “Behold, the dreamer cometh” – a reference to Joseph, he of the multi-coloured coat, who eventually became the most powerful man in Ancient Egypt.

There is as lot to be said for dreaming, but I am not so enamoured by the present moment – is Mindfulness just another con? I am not either in the present moment,or mindful, writing this, and I believe none the worse for that…

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